Praying for Vocations – the Vocational Cross

If you like to receive the vocation cross, please sign up after Mass in the book located in front of the ambo. We give families the Vocational Cross to pray for Oblate Vocations & Religious Life. The cross is a commitment that a family makes to pray for vocations.

PRAYER FORVOCATIONS: Heavenly Father, call many holy young people to consecrated life for the sake of your kingdom. Call an abundance of virtuous men to serve in ordained ministry, as laborers for your harvest. Call numerous others to faithful, chaste and fruitful love in the sacrament of marriage, as signs and witnesses of Christ’s love for his Church. Through baptism you have called all your children, in whatever state of life, to love and serve you. Fill us with your Holy Spirit and grant us each the grace to follow you in perfect obedience and charity. With Mary and Joseph as our models and intercessors, we ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.