Consecration to the Holy Family

To prepare your family should not only dedicate itself to the Holy Family intercession but also acknowledge that the family is sacred. The decision needs to be intentional and a process through which you completely surrender to God through the Holy Family. You are accepting the truth that salvation history was changed forever by a family, and that through your domestic church, you are called to live their example.

Steps suggested before the Consecration to the Holy Family

  1. Discuss the importance of this consecration as a family and why you are doing it.
  2. Each member of your family is strongly encouraged to go to the sacrament of reconciliation.
  3. As a family, intentionally choose something to fast from. The fast can be for at least a week. As our physical bodies are drawn to the things of the world, it is strongly encouraged that you fast from something that you would normally do or consume. Fasting helps to discipline our minds and heart to refrain from secular activities and be more focused on God.
  4. Prepare for the commitment you are making. Consecration to the Holy Family is not a single event. You have chosen a way of life for your family. You and your family are consciously choosing to be a beacon of light of God’s love through his Church.