Second Annual Sacred Heart Christmas Feast

Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

If you are going to be alone this Christmas Day, please join us for the Second Sacred Heart Christmas Feast on Monday, December 25 from 12 noon to 3:00 pm in the Parish Hall. If you do not have transportation, please call 830-758-1681 on Christmas Day and we will take a plate to your residence.

Also, we are asking any parishioners who would like to donate to the cause, to please donate desserts and soft drinks.

Thank you and God Bless us all!

Congratulations Deacon Leandro!

Deacon Leandro Contreras, Jr.

Congratulations to Leandro Contreras, Jr. on his 25th Anniversary (November 15th) of his diaconate ordination. Along with the parishioners of sacred heart church, thank you for your service. May God bless you and your ministry!

Veterans Day Blessing

Veterans Day is Friday, November 10th. We will have a special blessing on Sunday, November 12th for all our veterans.

To all who have served in the Armed Forces, we thank you. Your service to our country is very much appreciated. We ask God’s blessing on you and your families.

Veterans Day Prayer:

Dear Lord, today we honor our veterans, worthy men and women who gave their best when they were called upon to serve and protect their country. We pray that you will bless them, Lord, for their unselfish service in the continual struggle to preserve our freedoms, safety, and our country’s heritage. Bless them abundantly for the hardships they faced and for the sacrifices they made. We respect them, we thank them, we honor them, we are proud of them, and pray that you will watch over these special people and bless them with peace and happiness. In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen.

By Joanna Fuchs

Annual Parish Raffle – 2023/2024

Dear Parishioners, we ask you to support our church by buying and or selling tickets.

Tickets are available after each Mass or at the Parish office.

Thank you for your support.

This Year’s Prizes:

  1. $1,500 VISA Gift Card
  2. $1,000 VISA Gift Card
  3. $1,000 VISA Gift Card
  4. $1,000 VISA Gift Card
  5. $   750 VISA Gift Card
  6. $   750 VISA Gift Card 
  7. $   500 VISA Gift Card
  8. $   500 VISA Gift Card
  9. $   250 VISA Gift Card
  10. $   250 VISA Gift Card
  11. $   100 VISA Gift Card
  12. $   100 VISA Gift Card
  13. $   100 VISA Gift Card
  14. $   100 VISA Gift Card
  15. $   100 VISA Gift Card
  16. James Avery charm w/ bracelet
  17. Barbeque Grill
  18. Tablet
  19. Pizza Hut Dinner for 4
  20. $30 Rodee’s Fried Chicken Gift Card

This Year’s Sponsors:

  • IBC Bank
  • Mancha’s Farm
  • Vadel Funeral Home
  • Memorial Funeral Chapel
  • Riojas Funeral Home
  • Yeager Barrera Mortuary
  • Falcon International Bank
  • Viva K-9 Grooming & Boarding
  • Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Kina Mancha
  • Hugo Balderas Law Firm
  • Patricia Mancha
  • Alfonso & Leticia García-Zuazua
  • Comité del Sagrado Corazón
  • Jaime y Marisela Elizondo
  • Eagle Tire and Appliance
  • Dr. Carlos Hernández
  • Knights of Columbus # 10711
  • KC Wives #10711
  • Comunidades Eclesiales de Base
  • In Memory of Armando & Juanita Flores
  • Alberto Ramon
  • Jose & Lupita Tovar
  • Pizza Hut
  • Rodee’s Country Fried Chicken
  • Hector & Sandra Zamarripa

Thanksgiving Food Drive 2023

Sacred Heart keeps its long tradition of helping the needy by having its annual FOOD DRIVE.

Are you willing and ready to make a change? Then ACT ON IT!

Thanksgiving is a special day for all of us to thank God along with our family for all the graces and blessings. As we know, “When we share our joy with others it doubles” and so we invite you to experience the Power and Relevance of the Divine Mercy everyday by helping someone in need. We kindly ask each family to follow the schedule and bring the items that will make a Thanksgiving Dinner and make a difference in the life of a family in need.

NEEDED: Cans of corn and/or green beans, boxes of mashed potatoes, packets or cans of gravy, boxes or bags of stuffing, cans of cranberry, and turkeys.

If you forgot to bring any of the items for the Food Drive or wish to donate more, please bring your donation to the parish hall. As of today, November 5, we do not have enough to prepare all the food baskets we need.

Every drop of water makes the ocean; so too, if everyone contributes we can make a change in the life of our brothers and sisters in need.